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High resolution ink printers HR

HR (high resolution) printers serve for purposes of non-contact printing and coding of overall boxes such as cardboard boxes, packing cases etc. The use of HR printers may considerably reduce the cost of labelling due to elimination of labels affixed onto a product. The HR printers allow printing out variable information enabling identification of products such as: bar code, grafics, logo, date of production, expiry date, number of the series...

Design of the printed label is created on a PC and saved in the printers memory. It enables adopting optional configuration of the printout. Depending on the ink used printout on the absorptive surfaces, i. e. cardboard, paper, or inabsorptive surfaces i.e. plastics, metal, is possible. In our offer you will find Ale printers of various print width from 18mm to 70 mm.


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